My Go-To Sick & Self Care Bath Time Routine!

Ooooh boy, I’ve been trying to write this since February… how is that going for me?

Originally this was based off a night when I felt I really needed some self-care. A night when my face had been breaking out for weeks and my body was sore from the gym. But towards the end of March, I became extremely sick, more sick than I can remember in recent memory. I thought it would be a good time again to flex this new pamper routine in hopes of making myself feel better! I really wanted to get back into blogging and thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

Since the popular explosion of bath bombs, I’ve wanted to take baths more often for relaxation purposes. But I’ve also gotten pretty obsessed with face masks, candles and drinking tea (a routine I picked up while living with my Nana).


The original night of much needed self-care looked a little bit like this:

This is the “Love Boat” bath bomb from Lush, and I’m super disappointed that it was only around for the Valentines season. The water was a pretty combo of cotton candy colours!img_4213-e1555885395564.jpg


Catch me taking it all in with a brand new candle from Bath & Body Works in a Rose Water & Ivy scent! Believe me, it’s my new favourite candle and I’d like to buy about 27 more of them… I keep forgetting to pick up one for my mum and I wonder if they have them in the wallflowers because I’m obsessed with those and use them in every room of my apartment.

In my Star Wars mug is pomegranate green tea! Another staple of my tea collection in my kitchen. Can you see it? Can you feel the vibe yet? How about can you hear it? Well, I’ll mention my newly discovered Spotify playlist down below that I had on!

Above is a jade roller I got in my FabFitFun box last year, along with the Blaq charcoal under-eye jellies! I hadn’t used under eye jellies yet, they’re so weird and slimy but I can’t lie when I say I really enjoyed them. Also pictured is a Sephora pearl face mask.

I used the jellies and the face mask (separate, obviously) after the bath and before I went to bed. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be in the bath and preferred to have my face free at the time!


Now, it’s time to revisit this little pamper session because I’d been nauseous for a few days, I couldn’t regulate body temperature, I couldn’t eat anything (nor was I hungry enough to try) and I started shaking uncontrollably because I felt like I was just THAT cold!

I looked under my sink to find the Submarine bath bomb from Lush! I also have a turtle jelly bomb but I figured I’d save that for another day.

This one started off a little foamy! But look at that orange colour! 🧡

Armed with my ‘Namast’ay in bed’ mug, appropriate because is there anywhere else you wanna be when you’re sick? I decided to have a peppermint tea, hoping the mint would help clear some of my congestion!

No face masks in this one and I felt so crappy and congested I decided against having the candle because I was worried having a stimulating scent might give me a headache.


What am I listening to?

*Please ignore that at the time I took the screenshot, I wasn’t listening to this playlist. Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi are not what I’d consider relaxing and unwinding music…*

I stumbled upon this playlist during my first pamper sesh because I don’t want to shuffle my music (you’ll never know what genre you’re gonna get😅). This playlist has quickly become a go-to for not only these pamper sessions, but also background ambiance while I’m doing chores around my apartment or just something to listen to when I wanna keep it calm.

I’ve discovered some great songs on this playlist like:

Cologne – Haux
Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers
Portland – Andrea von Kampen (No longer on the playlist)

It also features artists I already liked like Leon Bridges and The Lumineers and Jose Gonzalez!



I’m just finishing writing this on the day I leave for the UK. I have a little plan in my mind to maybe hit up a Lush store (or the equivalent) and maybe halfway through my trip I can have a bit of a down evening and flex this routine. Minus the candle obviously because hotel rooms and stuff. It bothers me that I took so long to write and post this. I hope you guys enjoyed the read and I think you deserve a self-care night wherever you are!

I have some more ideas for posts, just a matter of getting it down on here… cross your fingers for me

Much love xx



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